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Infinity GTS provides maintenance, inspection, mechanical engineering, electrical systems, and controls engineering, and storage facilities onshore from our depots in the UK (Aberdeen), Malta, Cyprus, and Tunisia, as well as with partner companies in the USA, Germany, and Russia. 

The latest from the Urals, Russia...


Infinity complete a gas turbine service in deepest Russia, and a pleasant and warm welcome was received...

Gas Turbine Expertise


Infinity GTS covers a wide range of gas turbine servicing to provide customers with a wider service provision from one single service provider...


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Gas Turbine Service Partnerships


We are a small, independent and flexible company who provide an alternative approach to supporting operators of Solar, Siemens, and Rolls-Royce gas turbines including technical support, service and parts provision. 

In partnership with VG Engineering Consultants, we are able to comprehensively address the Solar GT market for the Solar Gas Turbine fleet (Taurus, Mars, Titan) and in particular can provide technical support services including technical helpdesk, offshore and onshore technicians, start-up and commissioning service and support, maintenance activities, spares strategy and procurement, long-term package management and OEM supervisory support. VGE, based in the Infinity Gourdon facility, have a global technician network which can be called upon for all Solar work.

In are able to support the Siemens GT market (SGT-100 through 400, SGT-A and 501-K units) with access to both spares and testing services and technical support provided by Infinity GTS technicians world-wide.

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Allison 501KC, KB Series

Solar Saturn

Solar Centaur

Solar Taurus

Solar Mars 90, 100

Solar Titan 130

Siemens SGT100-400

Siemens ADGT (Rolls-Royce)